about us

We want to introduce children to great art. From the cavemen through to modern technology we have been learning about our world through images. In order to create and document stories we look to the past to understand history, geography and society. Art and literature also go hand in hand and the Little Grand Tour aims to bring together all aspects of learning through our gallery and museum visits. 

During the 18th and 19th centuries men and women ventured across Europe on a 'Grand Tour' to experience high culture and see first hand the wonder of Italian art and sculpture. We want to inspire a community of little grand tourists across London to its many secret and varied collections in well known and not so well known galleries and museums. Lasting 2-3 hours depending on the tour, with a necessary picnic pit stop, we focus on a number of works of art which we hope will not only encourage a love of art but also contribute towards school learning. 

Our Little Grand Tours are for children aged 6+. Parents/ guardians do not attend the tours and can enjoy free time either in the gallery or nearby, with drop off and pick up at a set location - usually near the entrance of the museum. For more information please click here.