The national portrait gallery

St. Martin's Place, London WC2H 0HE

The Royal Tour - Discover the NPG's collection of Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses from Henry VIII to Prince William and Harry. We look at a variety of paintings and discuss the use of materials, fabrics, jewels, faces, hairstyles and learn more about the history of the British Monarchy.

Children in Portraiture - A fun way for children to understand portraits looking at subjects in closer age to them. Focusing on the following paintings and photographs: AA Milne & Christopher Robin (of Winnie the Pooh), 5 children & King Charles I, by Van Dyck, King James I of England & VI of Scotland, King Charles II and Alice Liddell by Lewis Carroll (the little girl who inspired Alice in Wonderland).


Famous Faces - A mixture of famous faces from the past and present. We talk about different styles and techniques artists use when painting portraits and what the artist and sitter may be conveying to us, the viewer. We also have a go at drawing one another! Looking at the following paintings: The Bronte Sisters, William Shakespeare, Sir Winston Churchill, Roald Dahl, Sir James Dyson, Dame Christabel Pankhurst & Ed Sheeran.