Westminster: History Tour!


Interested in art, history and politics? Then our Westminster tour is the perfect tour for you. First up will be a magnificent bronze with an intriguing back story by one of the most famous sculptors of the 20th century, Auguste Rodin - The Burghers of Calais, 1915. Followed by a 9 foot sculpture of a hero of our time, Nelson Mandela, by Ian Walters and finally ending with the remarkable Millicent Fawcett sculpture, by Gillian Wearing, which honours the suffragette movement.


If we have time we will also look at the other statues surrounding us and the stunning backdrop of Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, built by Sir Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin. Our tour will look at freedom from oppression and the history behind these incredible people and the stories which give them life. 

Angel & Clerkenwell: Amazing Architecture


Someone once said that you never need be bored again at a bus stop if you just look UP! If you put your phone away and can learn to read the buildings around you, there will always be something to explore and delve into.


In this architectural tour around Angel, we will take in a church built on an Augustine nunnery, a secret garden squeezed next to limestone contemporary architecture, a wander through Clerkenwell and a stop off to goggle at Exmouth Market’s delights, always time for coffee and cake! We’ll mosey down Upper Street and find a swish Edwardian post office conversion, and find a building built by a computer. 


Battersea Park: Barbara Hepworth & Henry Moore


As we wind our way through the avenues of trees of this popular south London park we will find sculptures with interesting stories behind them! Come and join us on a tour to discover a fascinating friendship between two of the most important British sculptors of the 20th century: Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. We will also look at an interesting war memorial and discover some famous poetry which possibly inspired this stone statue. If we have time we will visit the famous Peace Pagoda with a very special resident...

Hyde Park: Myths & Legends 

We often take for granted the incredible arts and history around us in London. At Little Grand Tour we invite you on a fun filled tour to consider the iconic works found around Hyde Park Corner. The tour will focus on classical sculptures weaving in the ancient stories of Diana The Huntress and Achilles. We will also look at the the stories and art behind the Cavalry Memorial, Apsley Gate and how might Alice in Wonderland feature too? There is something for everyone with a wide range of art, history and literature to explore together, we might even spot Byron.