Conde Nast Traveller
Sometimes you end up staying in the gift shop longer than the actual gallery. Sometimes you don’t even get beyond the gift shop. Without the right sort of leadership, well-meaning expeditions to London’s art hubs can often end sooner – whisper it into your crumpled gallery programme – than imagined. Art-history graduate Isabel Lamb set up the Little Grand Tour to supply charismatic guides and encourage a youthful appreciation of art without dragging children around gallery after gallery. Each lasts around two hours, and is led by a bright young tutor with an art-history background – one to every four children, with an upper limit of eight kids, and focusing on just a few well-chosen works."
The Telegraph
Avoid museum legs, whining and prolonged visits to the gift shop by delegating your child’s introduction to art galleries to Isabel Lamb. During half-terms, holidays and weekends she and her team of history of art graduates will take groups of up to eight children to learn about key paintings at the V&A, Tates Modern and Britain, the National and National Portrait Galleries. Tours last two hours leaving you to enjoy your own visit in peace."