Tate britain Millbank, Westminster, London SW1P 4RG

The Four Seasons - Looking at a wide cross section of paintings in the gallery (Alfred East, Singer Sargent, Constable and Holman Hunt). We will be  discussing how each painting uses light, colours and subject matter to create the atmosphere of Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Using poetry and literature to discover the seasons which shape each year and which, for children especially, mark key moments of anticipation: birthdays, Christmas, summertime, Easter, back to School and so on.

Terrific Turner - Enter JMW Turner's wonderful world of seascapes, landscapes and skies. Let us introduce you to this master of art, who constantly challenged the art world with his trailblazing talent! Looking at his large scale works of Hannibal crossing the Alps, The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire, Italian works & his later, more abstract works, we will discover Turner in the spacious and quiet Turner galleries at Tate. 

Dreaming with the Pre-Raphaelites - Combining the poetry of Shakespeare, Tennyson and Dante, we look at the ethereal and colourful paintings of this British Art movement of the mid-19th century, focusing on 4 paintings by Millais, Waterhouse, Hughes & Rossetti. We will also discuss the portrayal of women in these works of art and look at how the paintings use intense colours, detail & composition to tell their story.

England through Time - Exploring England's landscape and history through art. We look at John Constable's Suffolk countryside of the 19th century , an urban scene of the mid-20th century by L.S. Lowry with his iconic "matchstick men" and Evelyn Dunbar's 'A Land Girl' painting, 1950. Each one from a different decade, telling their own story in a unique style.

Tate modern Bankside, London SE1 9TG

20th Century Masters: Picasso, Dali & Matisse

Join us at Tate Modern to encounter 4 seminal works art and learn about these 3 giants of the 20th century art world, particularly the cubist, fauvist & surrealist movements.